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Integrated consultancy specialised in trade with China.

We offer integrated consultancy services to any type of company in the fields of international trade, tax consultancy, accounting advice, employment consultancy and real estate counselling.


International trade

Your bridge to China. Save costs by manufacturing in China and forget about any problems. Integrated consultancy for import and export.

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Management / Consultancy

Integrated solutions for SMEs and the self-employed. We don’t want to be your supplier, we want to be your strategic partner.

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Real estate services

We carry out innovative real estate transactions of higher than average profitability.

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About us

All of our professionals have a strong international consulting background and are able to understand and solve complex issues with reliability and commitment.


Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

— Guy Kawasaki


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Our desire is to help entrepreneurs like you to achieve their dreams. This is what gives meaning to our work.


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